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Pizza & Bread Baking Stone 

One of the most important accessories you need for baking pizzas and breads is a baking stone.


Because you want your Big Green Egg to act like a hearth oven. The BGE provides all the ceramic surfaces you need except for the surface the pizza or bread sits on.

It's nearly impossible to find good baking stone in the stores today. If they do carry a stone, its usually so thin and small that it's most likely going to break sooner or later due to the high heat needed for baking pizzas.

Not only that, but they don't retain heat well because they are thin. This particularly shows up when you bake more than one pizza, one right after the other The heat required to bake a pizza will cool the stone down, so you need to wait a while for it to re-heat.

You also want a stone that can retain the heat because that is what makes for a crispy crust and well baked interior. the heat from the stone needs to be sufficent enough to penetrate the pizaa or bread. The stone needs enough mass in order to meet this requirement.

I went hunting for the 'perfect' baking stone. It's not easy since you can't walk into a local store, whether it's a kitchen and bath store, a big box store, or a store that sells grills and cookers, and see but one choice if they even carry the product...and that one you really don't want to buy.

I decided I needed to do some research. One product stood out above the others. For one thing, the company that manufactures these baking stones also supplies pizzarias with their baking stones. For another, some manufactures of fancy pizza ovens include this company's stones with their ovens.

The name of this baking stone is called Fibrament-D. I bought one that fit my larg BGE. It's 15 !/2 inches in diameter and is 3/4" thick.

After you heat it up for about 45 minutes to an hour, it retains the heat even if you make multiple pies or breads in one baking session.

It's really a great product whether you bake pizzas or artisan breads. You'll be very happy with the finished product just like I am.

Baking Stone

Pizza Stone shown with optional grilling tray

Reasons to Use FibraMent:

A ten-year warranty backed by the manufacturer.
Bakes the perfect pizza, breads and bagels every time.
FibraMent is safety tested and certified by NSF International, the widely recognized and respected independent certification organization for public health and safety.
Easy to follow baking instructions are provided.
NEVER needs cleaning. Simply brush excess crumbs off the baking stone.
FibraMent is designed for gas, electric and convection ovens, and can be placed on a plate setter in your Big Green Egg.
FibraMent is a minimal investment that provides exceptional results.

                                                           The prices below include shipping**:

13 5/8" diameter


16" diameter


19" diameter *


13 7/8"  x 17 1/2"


15" x 20"


18" x 24"



* Note: The 19" diameter stone may be too large for some home ovens. Please measure the interior depth of your oven BEFORE you place your order.

For years FibraMent users have enjoyed the benefits of baking delicious breads and pizzas indoors. Now bakers can go outdoors to their barbecue grills and bake a perfect pizza.

Because no baking stone can be exposed directly to flame, FibraMent for Grills includes a protective metal pan. FibraMent is placed in the metal pan while it bakes your favorite pizza.

FibraMent for Grills is available in 13 5/8" and 15 1/2" round sizes to fit a variety of barbecue grills. This includes the pizza stone and a metal tray that protects the stone from heat up to 1000°!

Pizza stone for grills

13 5/8" Diameter Stone $60.00 

15 3/8" Diameter Stone $70.00

 ** Included shipping cost only applies to orders shipped within the continental U.S. Please contact us for rates outside of continental U.S.

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Here's what the stone looked like when I received it and removed it from its packing box...

Pizza Stone in Box

Pizza stone

 Pizza Stone in Bubble Wrap

Pizza Stone for Charcoal Grills