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The Big Green Egg is the perfect cooker for baking great pizza...

Have You Longed to Make the Best New York Style Pizza You Have Ever Tasted?

Over 20 years ago my wife and I lived in the New York / New Jersey area. Friday night was our pizza night. We became hooked on really great pizza at a restaurant in the Chambersburg section of Trenton NJ--the kind that has a tasty, thin, crisp crust topped with hand-sliced pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers.

Then we moved to the Boston area in 1986. I figured it would be easy to find a pizzeria that offered great pizzas like the ones we were used to eating every Friday night. After all Boston even has a section called the North End that is filled with Italian restaurants!

Boy, were we disappointed!

We tried every pizzeria we could find and none came close. Even those pizzerias that were touted to be "great" by the reviewers were a disappointment.

It was time to learn to make my own pizza.

"I really enjoyed your pizza recipe, both the video and booklet. Perhaps the best pizza I have ever eaten."                               Darryl Perrin

It wasn't easy...but, I was determined to make everything from scratch just like the pizzerias in New York / New Jersey where we used to enjoy our New York style pizzas.

It took me a long time through trial-and-error to make the 'perfect' crust. That's the hardest part, but it 'ma kes' the pizza.

The other challenges were coming up with a recipe for a sauce that was tasty but did not overwhelm the rest of the toppings, finding a pepperoni that you could hand slice and that had just the right flavor and texture, and experimenting with the oven techniques to produce the right finished product.

After a long time, the day finally came when I realized that I had recreated the pizza I was striving to achieve. It was at that point that I felt confident enough to make it for friends and family. Based on their accolades, I knew I had perfected a great pizza. Now, anytime we have guests for the weekend, they make sure to get to our house early enough on Friday evening to eat my pizza!

The Big Green Egg Comes into My Life

About 10 years ago my wife gave me a Big Green Egg for my birthday. At first, I only thought about using it like my old Weber to grill steaks, chops, fish and chicken, and barbeque ribs.

Then I saw some postings on the BGE Forum about baking pizzas on the cooker. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this might just be an alternative to a real wood-fired hearth.

So, I bought a plate sitter and tried it out. I was blown away by the taste of the pizza. It was nearly as good as the best hearth-baked pizzas I had eaten at one of my favorite pizzerias, Pepe's in New Haven, CT.

Now I want to help others who have longed to make a great pizza especially if you either have, or want to buy, a Big Green Egg.

You don't have to go through the trial-and-error process like I did. My step-by-step instruction walks you through the process I have been using for the last 15 years. The video and recipe booklet I have put together show you how to do everything.

Order the Video so You Can Make a Great New York Pizza

The video and accompanying recipe booklet normally sells for $37, but I am anxious to get these into the hands of motivated Eggers who want to try my proven methods.

So, for a limited time, I am offering the video and accompaning cook book for only $29 including shipping & handling*.

Why am I doing this? Because this is the first video I have made, and I need your feedback as I go on to create more instructional videos. I want every one of them to make it easy for you to make extraordinary food on your Big Green that will win praises from your friends and family and even surprises you.

I do ask for something in return for giving you this special price—I want your feedback...the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to make sure I am giving you what you need to make a pizza just as great as mine and the best pizzerias.

To order your New York pizza video, just click on the button below.


Become a Pizza Expert 

 If you are not satisfied for any reason, just let me know and your money will be returned. This is a no-hassle guarantee, so you have nothing to risk, but a whole lot to gain...


* Orders outside the U.S. do not include shipping and handling. Ask for prices to your specific location.
Mike Beek, The Green Egg Chef

  The Green Egg Chef

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"In the past I made pizza every Saturday night for about 18 years until my kids were grown up. I have not make pizza for the past 4 years. I started making my own dough, than went to store bought because it was easier. I would cook it on quarry tiles in the bottom of my stove, and everyone thought it was great.  


I went to the Eggfest where I purchased a large Green Egg. That is where I met you and purchased your DVD.  Let me tell you I thought I knew how to make pizza, I guess I was wrong.  I have learned so much watching your DVD and reading your booklet.  


For instance I used to cut my pepperoni very thin, now as you suggested I cut thicker and WOW!!!!!. I would never use mushrooms, but the Portobello mushrooms are super.  I use your sauce recipe and what a difference.  Also I am not intimidated anymore by making my own dough.  I now make enough sauce and dough’s for 8 pizzas and freeze and it is always ready.  


My friends and family all think it is the best pizza they have had. I went with my wife to a well known pizza restaurant and all we did was complain and did not take any leftovers home. 


I make pizza every Sunday night now and only had one mishap, that was when I let the Egg get up to 650 degrees and I burned the pizza.  It could not be any easier to cook pizza on the Green Egg. " 

Roy Kirby, Mass.


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